We know – sometimes relationships can be challenging. And learning something new as an adult can be humbling. So when you combine the two and say, learn to dance with your significant other, it may not always be sunshine and roses. But trust us; dancing together is a unique and amazing way to connect, create closeness, and spend quality time together. Not to mention, you’ll learn new ways to communicate and a skill you can use around town, or around the world! So here’s some friendly advice from the pros for couples sharing their dance journey.

Have fun!

“There’s going to be a point where one person understands something quicker than the other person, so keep it at a level playing field. Understand that someday it might be your turn where something is a bit more difficult. Focusing on the fun lets you get through those hard times and enjoy your time together.” Hilary Carlson, Go Dance instructor

Take time to learn individually.

“Rotating in group classes is really helpful, because otherwise you start to compensate for each other. You bicker, and sort of pick at what the other person is doing wrong. That’s something that you won’t do when you’re with a stranger or someone you just met. It’s easier to focus on yourself and become a better partner for your significant other. Work on it individually, so you can create a better partnership together.” – Katrina Repka, Go Dance instructor

Let the instructor do the teaching.

“It’s a lot easier to take instruction from an instructor than from someone who you are personally involved with – you take it a little bit more to heart. It can be painful. So you can really hurt each other’s feelings if you’re trying to correct or teach your partner. You’ll take corrections as instructions rather than an attack when it comes from someone who is objective.” Jenna Bautista, Go Dance instructor

Trust your partner.

 “When dancing with your romantic partner, you must trust them to handle the half of the dance that doesn’t belong to you. That means no back-leading from the followers, and no leaders pushing their partners through moves. Every relationship is healthiest when neither person is doing all the work.”  – Ian Crewe, Dance Comp Review

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