Everyone likes a good love story, and at Go Dance we have the perfect formula: characters who are fun and charming, the benefit of watching the journey from nervous crush (or even skepticism) to real-deal commitment, and some really great dance scenes! So, we’ve decided to tell some of these stories in a series of Student Spotlights.

I thought I might come and learn to dance and meet someone…but I fell in love with dance!  -Paul Benson

If Paul’s sentiment didn’t give it away, these are the most enduring, passionate love stories we could imagine; true tales of people falling in love with movement and music!

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If you’ve been to any of our three studios (North Austin, South Austin, or Lakeway) for a weekly social dance or special event, chances are you’ve shared a smile and maybe a dance with Paul. He’s gone from non-dancer to certifiable dance-addict in under a year! We had to ask: what does a week in dancing look like for Paul?

I attend four group classes Monday and Tuesday, two classes and the Country Performance Team on Wednesday, three classes Thursday, two on Friday plus the [South Austin]social, five to six on Saturday, five on Sunday, plus the [North Austin]social…

Oh, is that all? Nope. That’s just studio time!

I like the Highball some Mondays [West Coast Swing], the Broken Spoke sometimes on Tuesdays [Country] Pedro’s Place on Wednesdays [Salsa], bowling on Thursdays (and I dance there sometimes, a little!), Friday maybe to Donn’s Depot or The Continental Club [Country] after the South Social…

In case you were wondering, Paul says he logs about 40 hours of work, 40 of sleep, and 40 of dancing per week. We believe it! Since he started dancing West Coast Swing with instructor Tess Minnick (“She’s really good with technique!” he notes) on a New Student Special last October, we’ve had the pleasure of witnessing Paul bloom into greater health and happiness along with it. “I lost about 25 pounds in six months. Dancing is fun exercise!”

In addition to being a regular in group class and private lessons, at social dances, and at outings around town, Paul is also performing in our Winter Showcase with the Go Dance Country Team. This will be his third Showcase!

PaulBensonShowcaseWhen I joined [my first team]I had only been dancing for one month. My knees were shaking at dress rehearsal, but dancing with a consistent partner really helped me get over my stage fright.

Paul’s Showcase dreams are to one day dance a Spotlight in Country or WC Swing — and we can’t wait to see him shine! For now, we’ll leave you with a little “Benson Wisdom” for beginner dancers:

Don’t give up. We all started as newbies, and it’s a struggle, but you will get better! Come to the socials to practice, because people will help you. Don’t be afraid to ask someone to dance … and most of all, have fun!

Because dancers move so much, we need fuel! Paul has been known to make and bring something sweet to share at our weekly socials -- no complaints here!
Because dancers move so much, we need fuel! Paul has been known to make and bring something sweet to share at our weekly socials — no complaints here!