To see instructor Sarah Berens twirl across the floor is to know breathlessness. She is the very portrait of poise and appears featherlight as she’s led in a series of spins by her partner. We were fortunate enough to catch her in a still moment and glean some knowledge about how to spin like a pro!

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Sarah’s Tips for Exceptionally Amazing Spins


1. Posture – Posture is key for creating fast, stable turns! We want to make sure we are standing tall and our spine is in proper alignment before every rotation. If you are interested in improving your posture, we are offering the Move Like a Champion workshop. I have attended this workshop twice now, and you will leave with dozens of great, simple exercises to improve posture. Posture is hands-down a must for great spins!

2. Balance – Turning is a balancing act. We must be balanced in order to spin smoothly. First, establish what part of the foot needs to support your body during the rotation. Then, make sure you are standing balanced and with full weight over that foot before every turn. If you are feeling wobbly on your foot, ask your instructor for balancing and ankle strengthening exercises.

3. Core – Engage your core muscles during the rotation. This will help maintain your alignment during the turn. Now, when I say this, it does not mean I want you to feel like you are doing intense crunches! You should feel like your belly button is softly pulling in and up towards your spine. You should still be able to breathe!

4. Spot – It is very important to keep your eyes off the floor and looking in the direction you are traveling. Spotting will also help with dizziness.

5. Believe – Believe in yourself and have patience! It takes a lot of work, but it will be very rewarding when you can spin with confidence and ease!

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