We love fresh starts as much as we love seeing our students progress, so we start a new group class session every four weeks! We’ve taken our 24 years of experience of what works best in group classes and designed a system that facilitates a smooth learning curve and easy transitions from level to level. Read on to see what that means for you!

Class Level Descriptions

Level 1 = two 4-week sessions

This two-session syllabus introduces the basic patterns and concepts of each dance. You may join at the beginning of any session and you may move into the Level 2 class after completing two sessions. It is common for students to repeat Level 1 to get more practice with the fundamental moves and timing, either before moving on, or in conjunction with Level 2 classes.

Level 2 = four 4-week sessions

This four-session syllabus introduces a variety of popular social dance patterns. Some students are ready to move to Level 3 classes after one syllabus cycle. However, many attend Level 2 classes for several full syllabus cycles to build their muscle memory of the core patterns and develop their lead/follow skills.

Level 3 = eight 4-week sessions

This eight-session syllabus focuses on more difficult patterns, introduces additional styling and technique concepts, and continues to build lead/follow skills. Most students attend Level 3 classes for several full syllabus cycles to master the fundamental concepts of a dance.

Level 4 = a lifetime!

This is an ongoing syllabus where students continue the lifelong journey of refining lead/follow skills, technique, and styling while learning today’s hottest dance moves.

If you’re not sure which level will be right for you, feel free to try them both and see for yourself what is the best fit, or schedule a free introduction to get advice from one of our pros!