Free Day of Dance was founded by Go Dance owner Mylie Alrich as a way to share the love of dance with the Austin community. This year, over 150 classes will be offered by studios and organizations all over town. Go Dance will participate by holding free classes for adults and youth all day at both our North Austin and South Austin studios, and at various locations around town!


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Scroll down to see full schedules for classes offered by Go Dance (below the links!)

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Free Day of Dance Schedules for Go Dance

Go Dance North

9:30a Youth Movement (ages 3-6pm)

10:00a  Zumba with Kathleen Stegall

10:15a Youth Social Swing (ages 7-11)

11:00a Youth Salsa (ages 7-11)

11:45a Teen Social Swing (ages 12-17)

12:30p Teen Salsa (ages 12 – 17)

3:00p Social Swing (Beg.)

3:45p Blues/Social Dancing (Beg.)

4:30p Two Step (Beg.)

5:30p Country Waltz (Beg.)

6:15p One Step (Beg.)

6:15p Two Step (Int.)

6:15p Bachata (Beg.)

7:00p West Coast Swing (Beg.)

7:00p West Coast Swing (Int.)

7:00p Cha Cha (Beg.)

7:45p Salsa (Beg.)

7:45p Foxtrot (Beg.)

7:45p Salsa (Int.)

Go Dance South

9:30a Two Step (Beg.)

9:30a Blues/Slow Dancing (Beg.)

9:30a Salsa (Beg.)

10:15a Social Swing (Beg.)

10:15a Lindy Hop (Beg.)

10:15a West Coast Swing (Beg.)

11:00a Cha Cha (Beg.)

11:45a Argentine Tango (Beg.)

3:45p Salsa (Beg)

4:30p West Coast Swing (Beg.)

5:30p Blues/Slow Dancing (Beg.)

5:30p Social Swing (Int.)

6:15   Two Step (Beg.)

6:15p Blues/Slow Dancing (Int.)

7:00p Social Swing (Beg.)

7:00p West Coast Swing (Adv.)

7:45p One Step (Beg.)

7:45p Salsa (Adv.)

SFC Farmer’s Market Downtown

10:00a Social Swing (Beg.)

11:00a East Coast Swing (Beg.)

12:00p Blues/Slow Dancing (Beg.)

Movin’ Easy

10:00a Youth Movement (ages 3-6)

11:00a Youth Swing (ages 7-11)

12:00p Teen Swing (ages 12-17)

The Highball

1:00p Two Step (Beg.)

2:00p Social Swing (Beg.)

3:00p West Coast Swing (Beg.)

4:00p Two Step (Int.)

5:00p Social Swing (Int.)