Vincent Macaluso

“I love seeing people’s confidence grow as they learn to dance, not just in dancing but also in other parts of their lives”

Vince is a native Austinite through and through. Born here, and raised here; he bleeds burnt orange with a degree in business administration from the University of Texas, Austin. Always attracted to movement, growing up Vince was a swimmer, track athlete, golfer, and a Boy Scout. He found his love of dance as an adult and that helps him relate to beginners and break things down in a way that makes them fun and easy.  

Vince has a hard time saying what his favorite dance style is because he loves them all! But when forced to pick, he’ll say Country because Austin has so many great venues for dancing country, the music is catchy, and the community is so welcoming. Vince likes to think of his classes like building a Lego set: build the skills and material one block at a time, and before you know it, you have something really cool! He approaches his classes with patience and fun; excited to help others find their own love of dance. 

Off the dance floor, you’ll find Vince reading a lot of non-fiction, swimming, and watching movies so he can add to his already robust collection of movie references that you are sure to hear in his classes!