Susan Kirklin

“I love enriching people’s lives on a daily basis and helping them inch closer to their goals.”

Susan is a native Texan, born and raised in Houston. Her mother was an avid Ballroom dancer, and Susan followed in her footsteps from a young age. She started with Ballet and went on to win the US Open Cabaret division at age 12, performing a theater arts routine with her mother and instructor David Appel. She danced through her teens, competing with her high school dance team. Two days after graduating from high school, Susan moved to Austin and took a job as a receptionist for the summer. She began training to become an instructor at Go Dance, where she worked to put herself through college at the University of Texas.

After graduating from UT, Susan worked in web analytics for several years, during which time she also won the US Open in the Showcase division. In 2004, she returned to dancing full-time to pursue a professional partnership with Gary McIntyre. Susan is a World Smooth Finalist, Country Western World Champion, US Open Swing and Cabaret Champion with too many competitive titles to count, making her one of the most diversely successful competitive dancers in the world. This versatility is what made her the perfect candidate to lead the dance staff at Go Dance, where one of the core values is “dance diversity”. In 2012, owner Mylie Alrich invited Susan to become a co-owner as VP of Dance Development. In addition to her role as an owner at Go Dance, Susan also teaches, competes and performs all over the world.

Part of what makes Susan a great instructor is her own pursuit of knowledge. She is constantly taking in new information and dispersing it to her clients. They love her for her technical detail, drills and tireless optimism. Susan is passionate about sharing her love of dance and making Go Dance the best possible experience for it’s clients and staff. She says, “I have always loved Go Dance, even when I was away; and though people might think I’m biased, I’m not. I have traveled all over the world, and there is no studio like this one. Go Dance cares about providing clients with the best possible experience, having the highest level of training possible for the staff, and staying forward-thinking. Even more than that, Go Dance wants to be a happy and wonderful place everyday for anyone that enters; and it is!”

Specialties: Smooth Ballroom, Country Western and West Coast Swing

Teaches: Adults, Foxtrot, American Tango, Ballroom Waltz, Viennese Waltz, Quickstep, Country Waltz, Nightclub, Polka, Triple Two Step, Two Step, West Coast Swing, East Coast Swing, Social Swing, Salsa, Bolero, Cha Cha, Rumba, Samba, Hustle

Locations: North Austin, South Austin

Private Lesson Tier: Elite

Competitive Titles:

US Open Showcase Swing Champion
US Open Cabaret Champion
UCWDC Classic World Champion
World Smooth Finalist
US Open Team Champion
and many more…