Robert Gonzales

“As an instructor, I believe in giving credit for incremental gains and celebrating failure as an inevitable and essential component of the learning process.”

Robert was born and raised in Laredo, TX and grew up surrounded by three siblings and dozens of cousins. The son of two educators, he developed an appreciation for the art of teaching from a young age and now enjoys writing science curriculum by day and instructing dance by night! Early dance memories include busting moves with his family in the living room to the likes of Madonna, Gloria Estefan and Janet Jackson. Then, while attending the University of North Texas, Robert tried a social dance class with his sister and has been hooked ever since!

Robert infuses his lessons with lighthearted humor, reminding students that while repetition and learning how each move correctly is important, it is even more important to enjoy learning how to move. His encouragement helps students not take things too seriously while his attention to detail builds confidence and technique over time. He believes learning to dance is a never-ending process and loves to help his students develop their experience step-by-step and dance-by-dance.

Off the dance floor, when he’s not chasing his daughter around inflatable slides and trampolines, you can find Robert playing sand volleyball, running around Lady Bird Lake with the Austin Front Runners, hiking, exploring local swimming holes, or watching something strange at the Alamo Drafthouse!

Specialties: Social Country Western Dancing

Teaches: Two Step, Triple Two Step, One Step, Country Waltz, Social Swing, Cha Cha

Locations: South Austin

Private Lesson Tier: Standard level instructor