Katrina Repka

“I am so excited to share the love and importance of dance with others!”

Katrina was born in Corpus Christi, Texas and raised in Refugio, Texas. As a child, she fondly remembers dancing Two Step in the living room with her dad. With a love for athletics and movement, Katrina did cheerleading in high school. At the Theatre Del Mar college and Texas State University, Katrina studied theatre and further supplemented her education by taking a Jazz dance class. She enjoyed social dancing and doing what she refers to as the “Street Two Step.” Soon she began to further delve into partner dancing and technique, and she fell in love! In 2012 after years of dancing socially, she participated in the Go Dance instructor training program and has been teaching ever since! Although Two Step will always hold a special place in her heart because as she says “I’m from the country, and I like it that way,” Katrina is a huge fan of Lindy Hop and Swing; she enjoys the upbeat music and excitement that the dances entail. She also enjoys focusing on the connection between the leader and follower in Blues, and experimenting with musicality.

As an instructor, Katrina can relate to students who are experiencing the excitement and initial feelings of intimidation from learning to dance for the first time, because she was once there, too. She understands the learning process, and she has a special ability to get along well with everyone she meets. She is always attentive, positive, and cares a great deal about making her students feel at ease knowing they are in a warm, welcoming environment. She loves sharing the joy of dance with others, and her appreciation for dance is evident each time she teaches a lesson!

Specialties: Lindy Hop, Blues, Social Swing

Teaches: Adults, Wedding Couples, Bachata, Salsa, Cha Cha, Ballroom Waltz, Foxtrot, American Tango, Country Waltz, Triple Two Step, Two Step, Polka, Nightclub, One Step, West Coast Swing, East Coast Swing, Social Swing, Lindy, Blues

Locations: North Austin, South Austin

Private Lesson Tier: Senior level Instructor