Angelique McDaniel

“Dance brings so much joy and growth to people. It is humbling to get to be a part of that process.”

Iranian by blood, Thai by birth, Austrian by nationality, Northern Irish by choice, and now Texan for life! Adib brings a multicultural perspective and a love of teaching to Go Dance. Dance has been a large part of his life since he joined Diversity Dance Theater in Vienna at the age of ten, followed by performance opportunities in many countries, including Austria, Belgium, Macedonia, the Czech Republic, Ireland, the United Kingdom, and South Africa.

Adib received his BA(hons) in Choreography from Northumbria University in 2006 and taught Lindy Hop and a variety of other styles in Belfast, Northern Ireland before joining the Go Dance team in 2019.

While Adib loves the creativity of choreography, and the structure of partner dancing, his true passion lies in teaching. A firm believer that the best teachers are those who consistently go back to the basics themselves, Adib methodically and patiently guides his students along their dance path. His favorite dance is Lindy Hop, and he loves how the Lindy community welcomes dancers of all ages, from high schoolers to retirees.

Off the dance floor, Adib enjoys watching and playing basketball. Go Spurs!

Specialties: Lindy Hop, Social Swing, Charleston

Teaches: Wedding, Adults, Salsa, Bachata, Two Step, One Step, Country Swing, Charleston, Lindy Hop, Social Swing, West Coast Swing, Blues

Private Lesson Tier: Standard

Location: Go Dance South