Joe On Sunday, December 6, some of our city’s best and brightest will take the stage with professional dance partners to raise awareness and funds for the Center for Child Protection at Dancing with the Stars Austin!

We wanted to shine a little more light on the special stars dancing with our stellar Go Dance instructors, so we asked them to tell us a little more about themselves and why they’re dancing in this year’s show! First up…

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Joe R. “Bud” Neeley

w/Go Dance Instructor Hilary Carlson

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I’m a General dentist  at the Barton Oaks Dental Group and have been in practice in Austin for 43 years.
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Style of dance for DWTS performance:
Jerry Reed’s “East Bound and Down” — it’s a Polka!
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Motivation to participate in DWTS this year:
One of my sons is an attorney who worked for about five years for the city of Brooklyn with kids who had experienced abuse and neglect. Conversations with him helped me understand how widespread and horrendous this is. Knowing how difficult it is for adults to talk about difficult situations, I can’t fathom how tough it must be for a child. I’m happy do to anything I can do to hep to raise money and awareness for the cause.
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Biggest challenge in preparing for the show:
Taking the time to practice. I don’t have any formal dance background, so learning routines and trying to develop a little stage presentation skill has been challenging. But the challenges are fun—I like to dance, and Hilary is delightful! It’s really made me notice that when you start looking at professional dancers, they have so many things going on at the same time!
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Greatest benefit of preparing for the show:
The fun of learning something new and the delight of hanging out with Hilary!
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Favorite thing about dancing with pro partner Hilary Carlson:
She has such a joyous personality. There’s a part of our dance where a coach asked her not to smile, and I thought, “That is going to be really challenging for her!”
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Future dancing dreams:
My wife and I have given each other dance lessons several times for our anniversaries and never actually taken them, but I think this will be good motivation for us to do some more formal dance classes. I have been really impressed with how friendly and helpful everyone is at Go Dance and the facilities are really nice. I’d definitely come back!

Good luck to Bud & Hilary! Thanks so much for your hard work and we can’t wait to see you dance for such a good cause on Sunday!

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