Unlimited Year of Dancing Package

We’re bringing back our popular Unlimited Year of Dance package for a limited time. This package includes unlimited group classes and weekly socials for all of 2019! With two studios (North and South Austin), classes seven days a week, and four weekly social dances, that’s a lot of dancing. Treat yourself to dancing through 2018 with a sweet … Read more

3 Ways Dancing Makes Your Life Better

When I talk to our students, these three things keep coming up as benefits of having Ballroom and social dance in your life. Make Friends I was talking to one of our students the other day. He told me that he has made more friends in the one year he has been dancing than in … Read more

Dance into 2016 at our NYE Party!

Say “goodbye” to 2015 in grand company and start 2016 on the right foot (or the left — so long as you’re dancing)! You’ll get to dance into the new year in your favorite style! We’ll have a mix of Country in the Main Ballroom and Freestyle and West Coast Swing side rooms! The WCS … Read more