swing-underarm-turnWhen I talk to our students, these three things keep coming up as benefits of having Ballroom and social dance in your life.

Make Friends

I was talking to one of our students the other day. He told me that he has made more friends in the one year he has been dancing than in many years of participating in other fitness activities. It isn’t called “social” dancing for nothing; there is something about dancing that brings people together!

Reduce Stress

Whether you have a stressful job or have been at home dealing with toddlers all day, dancing provides a brief break and release from quotidian stresses. One of my favorite parts of being at the studio in the evening is seeing so many people come in looking a little harried, and then watching them leave a few hours later smiling and laughing!

Increase Physical Activity

Because we don’t have endless time, people who start dancing generally replace more sedentary activities (like watching TV) with group classes, private lessons, and going out social dancing. Most of us could benefit from more movement in our lives, keeping our bodies healthy for years to come—and dancing sure is more fun than a treadmill!