Cha Cha

An exciting, syncopated Latin dance which originated in the 1950’s as a slowed-down Mambo. The Cha Cha gets its name and character from its distinct repetitive foot rhythm (cha cha cha).


A slow Latin dance which originated as one of two forms of Rumba (Bolero Rumba and Son Rumba), and still shares many of the same figures. Bolero differs from Rumba in its tempo and style of music and movement.

Argentine Tango

The Argentine style of Tango, which is usually danced in a close embrace, is characterized by grapevines, figure eights, and other interesting and complex leg and foot movements. The Argentine style does not travel as much as the American style and thus is better suited for nightclub dancing.

Christmas in July Food Drive

Because so many food drives happen during the holidays, we thought dancers could help bring some timely balance to the food bank this summer! Continuing our celebration of 20 years of Go Dance, all three studios are hosting Christmas in July benefiting the Capital Area Food Bank! We will collect and match donations all month at … Read more

Group Classes: What Level Am I?

We love fresh starts as much as we love seeing our students progress, so we start a new group class session every four weeks! We’ve taken our 24 years of experience of what works best in group classes and designed a system that facilitates a smooth learning curve and easy transitions from level to level. … Read more